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Priyadarshini Ghosh Shome

Priyadarshini Ghosh is an exponent of classical Indian dance styles of Bharatanatyam and Mohiniattam and a Contemporary Indian dancer and choreographer. Also trained in Seraikella Chhau and Yoga, she is a diploma holder in Performing Arts. She has performed in prestigious festivals all over the world. Priyadarshini was also the International Choreographer in Resdience at the American Dance Festival 2003.


Neesha Jhaveri

Neesha completed her Rang Pravesh in 1990. She was awarded a National Dance Scholarship by the Government of India in 1995 which allowed her to pursue rigorous training with Guru Sunayana Hazarilal in the ​guru-shishya​ tradition. In 2001, Neesha moved to Hong Kong where she co-founded Sri Shakti Academy - which promotes Indian classical dance. She conducts regular classes and trains more than fifty students, three of whom have completed their Rang Pravesh. The Academy presents annual shows to provide students a platform to perform. Students can also appear for formal examinations affiliated with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Sangeet and
Nartan Shikshapeeth, Mumbai. Neesha is an accomplished teacher, graceful performer and creative choreographer. Through Sri Shakti Academy, she plans to continue cultural exchange by performing at Festivals, and collaborating with traditional dancers worldwide.


Nilima Bhat

Nilima Bhat is an international keynote speaker and facilitator in the fields of Personal Mastery, Leadership, Gender Equality and Wellbeing. Her extensive and pioneering body of work is encompassed in her two books, Shakti Leadership – Embracing Feminine and Masculine Power in Business and My Cancer Is Me – The Journey from Illness to Wholeness. Together they outline holistic and integrated approaches to Leadership and Resilience.

An expert in Indian wisdom and wellness traditions, she is a trained

dancer, certified Sivananda teacher and practitioner of the Integral

Yoga of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother. She is currently focused on building The Shakti Fellowship: a global network of women changemakers.


Ranjini Menon

Ranjini Menon was guided by the legendary T. Balasaraswati until her arangetram. After her guru’s demise, she continued her training with Bala’s daughter Smt. Lakshmi Knight. She was also trained by Bala’s senior students, Sri. T. Ramiah, Smt.  Shyamala and Smt. Nandini Ramani. She has also undergone training in Nattuvangam under Sri Seetharama Sharma.

Ranjini taught Bharatanatyam in Hong Kong for over 10 years. While remaining active in the creative and practical aspects of Sri Shakti’s ongoing schedule of performance and her regular classes, she taught Indian classical and folk dance at a local Chinese school and frequently gave lecture demonstrations and conducted workshops.

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