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Dance of the Five Elements (2004 )

First original production, created by Sri Shakti Academy, was performed at Hong Kong's prestigious Theatre, City Hall in Central.  A contemporary rendition of the universal theme of the five elements ; explored through the prism of Yoga and four Indian classical dance forms - Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Odissi and Mohiniattam.



The Feminine ( 2006 )

A unique contemporary- classical dance production bringing together 16 dancers from the various disciplines of Indian classical dance forms, Chinese dance, Flamenco, Martial Arts and Yoga.


Tao of the Heart ( 2007 )

The search for the universal centre where all opposites merge and balance, to find the Tao, the one Truth. Exploring different aspects of duality, in our journey to the seat of the soul. Showcasing a range of traditional and contemporary styles, from the elegance of the Indian classical dances to the serenity of Yoga, from the energy of Flamenco to the fluidity of Tai Chi.


Krsna ( 2010 )

A journey into the different facets of this much loved, dark skinned God, who represents unconditional love and the presence of the eternal divine in ourselves. See him revealed in all his glory; innocent but all knowing, subtle but all pervading, divine, immortal, evergreen.


A Journey Within ( 2018 )

An extraordinary collaboration of 3 Indian dance choreographers from Hong Kong for the first time with common mission of preserving and developing intangible cultural heritage.

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