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Tao of the heart

The world is full of dualities - opposites that seem to have nothing in common, with each other. Yet each extreme has the other extreme inherent in it . In order to live harmoniously in the world, we have to find a way of reconciling the opposites, and realise the non-dual center. Tao, explores different aspects of these dualities, in the journey to the seat of the soul :

  • Yin and Yang

  • Matter and Spirit

  • Ego and Self

  • Logic and Intitution

  • Himsa and Ahimsa

  • Stillness and Flow

Showcasing a range of traditional and contemporary styles, from the elegance of the Indian classical dances to the serenity of yoga, from the energy of flamenco to the fluidity of Tai Chi.


Artistic Direction - Priyadarshini Shome

The Shaktis - Principal Performers

Priyadarshini Shome, Ranjini Menon, Neesha Jhaveri, Raka Maitra, Nilima Bhat, Sowmya Balakrishnan

The Shishyas - Apprentice Performers

Menka Purswaney, Varsha Bhojwani, Sukriti Kothari, Rasya Choppalli, Priya Aswani

The Atithees - Guest Artists

Flamenco - Rico Cheung, Icy Lam

Chinese and Modern Dance - Popo Tso

Music and original score

Jairam Parameswaran

Additional Music

Queen Elephantine, Indrayudh Shome, Jet Crawford

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