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The Feminine

All over the world, societies, cultures, religions, philosophies, art forms and literature make references to and draw upon the Feminine Energy. All physical existence is given a feminine form as when we refer to Mother Nature or Mother Earth. It is in this context and after drawing upon the rich offerings of beliefs and practices from around the world that we bring you, Vaamaa


Vaamaa, traces the versatile feminine energy as it travels through time and life from the creation of the universe, depicting each essential phase : birth, endearing childhood, adventurous youth, beautiful adulthood, nurturing parenthood and gracious maturity, until unification with the divine. The female energy returns to the original source, achieving balance of the whole form, becoming Ardhanarishwar energy- half man- half woman- the Indian symbol of completeness


Priyadarshini Gosh Shome, Ranjini Menon , Neesha Jhaveri,

Nilima Bhat, Raka Maitra, Rico Cheung, Rachael Katz, R. P. Jairam, Menka Purswaney, Varsha Bhojwani, Sweta Chand, Subhra Chand, Rasya Choppalli, Chow Cheuk Yui, Han Mei,

Shurabhi Das, Sukriti Kothari, Divya Ramesh

Production Manager - Lee Ho Yin, Lawrence

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