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Year 2018 Events

India's 69th Republic day Celebration

29 Jan 2018

The Indian Consulate of HK invited our Guru Neesha Jhaveri ji to perform on the prestigious occasion of India's 69th Republic day Celebration. The event was attended by various dignitaries.


31 May 2018

Workshop conducted at Yew Cheung International School (Primary) for their International Day Celebrations.

Baptist University of HK

11 Sep 2018

SSA students Aarti, Jyothi, Sonali and Swati - presented Saraswati Vandana and a Kathak Nritt, and Kritika and Aruna presented a Tarana and "Ched Chad" gat at the Baptist University of HK

Anybody Can Dance

13 Oct 2018

Our younger batch of students Aishwii, Anusha and Tvisha presented presented Vishnu Vandana and a Kathak Nritta at the "Anybody can Dance" cultural event organised by Beyond Bollywood

Natwari 2018 India

27 Dec 2018

Our second international performance for the year . Humbled by the opportunity to perform at Nehru Center, Mumbai with our Guru Padmashri Sunayana Hazarilal ji and Guru Neesha Jhaveri ji. Students Anuradha Sethuraman and Aruna Bharti Swamy participated in this event


Anuradha Sethuraman

10 Mar 2018

Rangpravesh of Anuradha Sethuraman in the fortunate presence of Padmashree Guru Smt Sunayana Hazarlilal, Pt. Kalinath Mishra (Tabla), Pt. Somnath Mishra (Vocalist) and Smt. Alka Gujar ji (Sitar)

Chinmaya Family Fun Day Carnival

10 June 2018

Kathak presentation by our younger batch of students at the "Chinmaya Family Fun Day Carnival"

Social Enterprises Summit

30 Sep 2018

Kathak Tarana in Raag Malkauns at the Social Enterprises Summit, Kwon Tong. Participants were Rafjaya Rafiq Aishwii , Anuradha Sethuraman, Siddhi Naresh and Taruna Lachhwani

Asian Ethnic Cultural Performances 2018

11 Nov 2018

LCSD of Gov of HK invited us again to be part of the Asian Ethnic Cultural Performances 2018 at the HK Cultural Center Piazza. Performers - Guru Neesha ji, Anuradha, Kristal, Sanyukta, Mrinalini presented a Kathak Nritta and fusion piece "Malhar jam"

Indian Film Festival 2018- Women in Bollywood

25 Mar 2018

Performance at the "Indian Film Festival 2018- Women in Bollywood" presented by Beyond Bollywood, at City University

Dance Without Frontiers

10 June 2018

Performance by the senior batch at "Dance Without Frontiers" at HK Polytechnic University

Magical Hug 2018

9 Oct 2018

Magical Hug 2018", a Charity Show organized by HODS, proceeds of which went to YAMA foundation for charity. Performers were Aishwii, Anuradha, Siddhi and Taruna

Taiwan Show

17-18 Nov 2018

"A Journey Within" : A Collaborative Dance production featuring 20+ dancers, 3 different dance styles - Kathak, Bharatnatyam and Folk, choreographed by Neesha Jhaveri, Oxana McMahon and Uday Sathala, presented at the prestigious Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall Taipei on 18th Nov 2018

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